Because You’re Mine – Rea Frey

5 stars

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Oh, how I love Rea Frey. I feel like I can say this in a non-creepy way because unlike other authors I read, I’ve actually met her! Not only that, I’ve also interacted with her many times via social media. She’s very interactive with her followers and someone I look up to as a woman, writer, mother, etc. She is so sweet and so inspirational – I highly recommend following her!

Rea had been posting that there would be ARCs available soon for her new upcoming release, Because You’re Mine and opened the door for her followers to shout out if they would like to receive one. Since we’ve chatted a few times here and there about her new book, I definitely raised my hand for this one. What do you know, a few short weeks later and an ARC of this book arrived in my mailbox with a personalized handwritten note from Rea. I was so excited! I loved her debut novel (which is autographed, by the way!) Not Her Daughterso I knew I was in for a good one with her latest.

**Because You’re Mine expected publication is August 6th, 2019**

Lee and Mason are all each other know – and all each other need. Mason is more sensitive than other children his age and Lee will go to any length to make sure Mason is well equipped for success at a “normal” life, even if that means picking up extra clients to pay for his intelligent and dedicated tutor, Noah. Noah has grown to become a huge part of Lee and Mason’s life, not just in relation to Mason’s tutoring but in more ways than Lee could ever imagine.

Grace is Lee’s best friend and together they can conquer all of life’s ups and downs. For Lee, she has never had a best friend quite like Grace. She is always on the end of the phone to listen to Lee’s struggles or the first one to show up when she needs an extra hug. Yet, there is a secret that Grace is keeping from Lee that Grace knows will destroy absolutely everything.

When Lee is offered a weekend getaway with Grace and two other girlfriends, Grace and Noah convince Lee she deserves a few days away despite her nerves of leaving Mason for the first time. Uneasy, Lee agrees to sneak away for a few days of much-needed R&R, only with the promise that Mason is kept under Noah’s care. Little does anybody know that a girls trip expected to be full of shopping, good food and drinks and laughter will actually end in identifying a dead body.

I loved Because You’re Mine for so many reasons. I enjoyed that we saw the story through three different lenses: Lee, Grace and Noah, each offering their own perspectives and history. There were so many twists in this book and I often found myself saying “one more chapter” only to realize an hour had passed! Every time I thought I had it figured out, Rea threw in yet another curve ball that forced me to internally debate how the book would end. I love stories that make me think and ponder; books that don’t just lay it all out right away. I want to work for a good, juicy plot twist and I want to be surprised!

I loved all aspects of this book from the characters and their relationships with one another to the flip between past and present. The stories are woven together effortlessly and I could not get enough! Although I devoured this read in just 3 days and loved every minute of it, I was so sad to be done with it! But, if you follow Rea on social media you know that book #3 is in the works and I am!

Thank you to Rea and St. Martin’s Press for the advanced reader copy of Because You’re Mine. I cannot wait for the world to read this masterpiece!

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