Hello 2019…3 Months Later

2019 has been off to a crazy, busy start and I have been kicking myself for not updating my blog sooner! Being busy is no excuse not to keep up with hobbies and what you love, but sometimes things need to take priority over others.

In the first 3 months of 2019, my fiance and I purchased and moved into our very first home in the city. For all you homeowners out there, you know this is quite the process! Especially for us, as first-time buyers we were very overwhelmed and the back-end paperwork took up a lot of our spare time. Plus, packing is a whole other story!

We finally move in at the end of last month and we are able to just breathe. But life has a funny way of keeping you grounded with reality checks. 4 days after moving into our first home, we had to say goodbye to our sweet and gentle greyhound, MJ. After a dreaded diagnosis of osteosarcoma and so, SO much pain, we had to make the ultimate decision. It was so odd to be on such a high from moving and owning our home to hitting an ultimate low in just a matter of days. We have struggled a great deal with his absence, but we are continuing to count our blessings because we were so grateful to have gotten to love and spoil our brindle boy.

Again, these are NOT excuses for not maintaining my blog or reading life but they are real things that have gotten in the way significantly. But, I’m finally back on track and ready to continue tackling my month/year goals. My reading life this year started off with so-so reads, which you know I typically won’t review or recommend. However, my latest reads have definitely picked back up and brought the heat. I’m so excited to share with you reviews on Because You’re Mine – Rea Frey and The Lost Girls of Paris – Pam Jenoff. 

Stay tuned for these very soon! XO

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  1. So sorry about MJ. Right there I wouldn’t need any more excuse to not update my blog. Hope the rest of the year goes much better.


    1. The Bookmarker says:

      Thank you so much, I appreciate it! We are hoping it goes up from here.

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