It’s Been A While

A little over a year since my last post/review and boy oh boy, how things have changed.

My life isn’t anything like it used to be, it’s different and chaotic and hard in all the best ways.

Since my last post, I grew and delivered a perfect healthy baby boy and have since been navigating the insane and beautiful journey that is motherhood. My days start at 5am and end at 10pm when I’m finally able to shut my eyes (although some nights they’re open more than not) and the moments in between are full of mess, tears, baby laughs and bursting hearts. All of this leads me to say, you guessed right that I don’t have enough time to change out of my 3-day-old clothes let alone blog about reading.

While I haven’t been able to be as active here as I like, I did make it a goal of mine to read more and have been using any spare moment I have when the baby’s sleeping to get in a few chapters. I have to say, finishing and enjoying books has made me feel a little more “me”. I sure do miss this space, though. It was my creative outlet and a way to fuse together two loves of mine – reading and writing.

I’ve been doing a lot of reflection lately – reflecting on how to juggle this new role of mine while also finding, or re-finding, myself has been a challenge. Who I was before becoming a mom is a different version of me and that’s ok. It’s finding out how to love this new version of myself, the one who lives to serve another human being, who’s body is responsible for nourishing and growing said human being, who has so many emotions she doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry – it’s been a journey of a lifetime and I truly feel so grateful to be on this wild ride.

All of this being said, I want to get back to this space. It’s my happy place, my “me” place. I’m not entirely sure what this blog will look like moving forward but I know it won’t be the same, just as I’m not the same.

I’m hoping to incorporate my role as a mom into these pages more – possibly writing some pieces on books I feel are worthy of my time (and yours) and how I relate to them through the lens of a mom.

We’ll see. No pressure – we already put enough of that on ourselves and so I’m dedicated to making this a fun place for me to come when I need a minute to myself.

I hope you’re well and are killing it on whatever journey life has taken you on.


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