July Reads

It’s been a few months since I posted a monthly book wrap up but I had a pretty solid reading month in July, coming out with 6 books; all of whom I thoroughly enjoyed! It’s entertaining to see the different genres I read each month; as this insane year goes by it appears that I am staying very clear of my beloved historical fiction books and reading much more contemporary fiction / rom coms (which is a genre I honestly have never really cared for before). I think the lightness and entertainment is serving my mind and anxiety a really good purpose amidst all of the turmoil happening around us!

As always, my July reads are ranked below. If I’ve reviewed them, that is also linked.

  1. Love & Gelato5 stars
  2. The Lies That Bind 4 stars
  3. My Dark Vanessa 4 stars
  4. Something Borrowed 4 stars
  5. Love & Luck 3 stars
  6. Hillbilly Elegy 3 stars

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