The Lies That Bind – Emily Giffin

4 stars


I’ve been waiting for Emily Giffin’s new book to release for so long; after reading All We Ever Wantedher most recent before this one, I could hardly wait for The Lies That Bind. I know there are dedicated readers of her early work, like Something Borrowed and Something Blueand after reading her latest two I can’t believe I haven’t read others by her yet.

If you are on Goodreads reading reviews of The Lies That Bind(I highly recommend NOT doing this before reading the book as you may stumble upon spoilers), you’ll notice that so many readers were extremely disappointed in Giffin’s use of the 9/11 tragedy, thinking it was disrespectful and used in too light of a tone. While yes the backdrop for the book is New York City amidst the 9/11 era, I disagree. One of the reasons I liked this book so much was the NYC scene; I absolutely love everything about NYC and while yes 9/11 was horrible, it is a part of history and so essential in the character of that particular city. To understand this book is to understand the depth and weight that 9/11 carries.

Cecily finds herself in a bar near her city apartment ready to drunkenly call her ex-boyfriend whom she knows she should avoid when a stranger speaks up and tells her not to make that call. Call it fate or call it chance, but meeting Grant that night changes Cecily’s life forever. At one time a stranger who turns into the love of her life, Cecily has high hopes that Grant is everything she wants him to be and more. Although it’s only been a short time since meeting in that bar and the two of them don’t really know a ton about the other, Cecily is convinced he could be the one. 

When 9/11 strikes, the Twin Towers are crumbling, and New York’s world is turned upside down, Grant stops answering Cecily’s calls. Frantic, confused and heartbroken she sets out on a mission to find Grant and all of the answers she has questions to. To Cecily’s surprise, she finds answers to much more than she originally thought and realizes she may not have known Grant that well after all.

loved this book; while at times it could be a little cheesy and unpredictable, I loved how each and every character is flawed. There is no “perfect”, clear-cut answer in any of the situations. There are two sides to every story in this book and you’ll get a glimpse of all of them. The writing is flawless and flows more like a conversation with raw characters that are just like you and I. One main theme I’ve noticed in Giffin’s writing is she addresses real-life concerns, issues and situations. There is never a perfect ending and most of the characters will frustrate you, interest you, and persuade you to see the other side of things.

The Lies That Bind is the perfect escape book that will leave you wanting more, and more, and more! And if you’re like me, I will now be reading ALL of Giffin’s earlier books ASAP!


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