Wrapping Up July

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July was a pretty decent reading month for me and I finished my 6th book on the last day of the month – not great, but not terrible. I’ve had months with much higher numbers, but I’ve learned that it isn’t always about the numbers and stats.

What you don’t see in between those 6 books is the fun and goofy life I’m living with my fiance and our two pups! We bought a scooter and have been having the time of our lives riding it around Chicago, driving to different street fests, hosting friends at our house and nailing down some big details for our wedding.

As much as this post is about my July reads, it’s also a great reminder to myself that life happens and it’s ok! Just because someone else read 20 books and I only read 6, that doesn’t make me less of a reader. I’m learning to read at my own pace while making sure that I still stop and enjoy life; it’s so easy to be caught up in Instagram stats and what your followers are reading.

There were books on my list that disappointed me and ones I had high expectations for, whether from social media or recommendations. It’s always a bummer when a highly rated or anticipated book falls very short, but every book is not for every reader. Three Women + Beartown were books I was sure I would love based on every raving review and star! But – I didn’t like either of them. And guess what? That’s perfectly fine!

Aside from a few eh books, I had three 5 star books this month – woah! That’s a lot in just one month. The dynamic duo of The War That Saved My Life + The War I Finally Won of course are at the top of my list! These books made it to the top of my forever list and I love them so, so much. They were definitely my highlight reads of the month. If you’re up for a lengthy, in depth and emotional review of each book, I highly suggest checking it out here and discover the magic for yourself!

Below are my July reads, ranked from favorites down. I’m looking forward to more amazing reads in August and continuing to fill my head, and heart, with book love!

The War That Saved My Life 5 stars

The War I Finally Won 5 stars

The Most Fun We Ever Had 5 stars

Before We Were Yours 4 stars

Three Women 3 stars

Beartown 3 stars


*just a reminder: I do not review everything I read. I review books I love and would 110% recommend or books I don’t quite love but still have a lot of thoughts on them! If a review is not posted for a book I’ve read, that simply means I wasn’t a huge fan or I just don’t have enough thoughts/opinions to create a worthy and quality post*




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