Reading Goals – How Am I Lookin’?

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Although 2019 is more than halfway done (how??), I wanted to check in on my reading life and give it some much-needed reflection!

I’m all about setting goals and checking things off of a list, so I found it to be the perfect time of year to check in with myself and my reading goals. I’d have to say I’m pretty proud of how things have shaped up so far in 2019; I have read some amazing stories and triple confirmed that I absolutely love historical fiction (as if we didn’t all know that already!). I started a ‘bookstagram’ account a few months ago and have gained a great following of book-ish friendships that have been so fulfilling! I even won my first ever book-related giveaway – how cool! I’ve used the library more than last year and have saved a lot of $, so it’s a win-win. Plus, I started a book club with a few girlfriends that has been a fun experience!

Although I still think 2018 was one of my best reading years ever, I’m still very happy and content with 2019 so far. I wanted to share some of my ‘last half of the year goals‘, partly to hold myself accountable and partly to connect with others who may be striving to achieve the same goal.


-Continue to utilize the library as much as possible: like I said, I’ve been doing a good job of this but I need to remain on track with this goal, especially since we bought a house this year and are getting married next year! Can you say $$$$?

-Connect with publishers: now that I have my bookstagram account, I hope to connect with publishers and publicity folks to gain more insight into the publishing world and broaden my knowledge among the literary community.

-Make significant progress on writing projects: I have a few ongoing personal writing projects I’ve been working on this year, but lately I’ve been at sort of a standstill for many reasons – maintaining my bookstagram account is more time-consuming than I thought, I’m feeling a little dull writing-wise, and I’m planning a wedding! (none of which are excuses). I hope to see significant progress by the end of the year.

-Post more book-related content on here: I think this is one of my favorite goals (if you can even have a favorite?) because I genuinely enjoy maintaining this blog and writing creative posts! It is such an effective and fun way for me to express myself creatively and blow off some of the steam that life throws my way. Even if no one reads my posts, I still thoroughly love writing here. However, I think it’s time to expand the realm of this blog from strictly book reviews to broader book-ish topics… such as posts like this!

I’m looking forward to crushing even more goals and rounding out 2019 with great books and great book friends. Who’s with me?!

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