How To Find Love In A Bookshop – Veronica Henry

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How To Find Love In A Bookshop is such a sweet, simple and honest story that will resonate well with book lovers. If you want to know how special books and bookstores are to me, please pick up a copy of this. Most times it’s hard to accurately describe what books mean to me, especially to those who don’t share the same feelings. This story by Veronica Henry is so easily relatable and further reinforces the significance books serve in my life.

Emilia Nightingale finds herself in charge of “Nightingale Books” after her father Julius passes away. Julius opened the bookshop when he was a single father to Emilia at just weeks old. Books were THE way of life for Julius and growing up, Emilia was the most well-read child around. Because Julius put such emphasis on books and his beloved, loyal customers, the logistics and financial state of the store fell to the side. Emilia walks into a situation blindsided and is drowning more and more as each day passes. Having lived in another country for years, she failed to remember how loved her father was around town and how special his customers were to him. Nightingale Books was a place locals spent hours browsing books and getting recommendations from Julius; it was a true neighborhood staple.

Like Emilia, the residents and staff could not imagine a life without Nightingale Books. As hard as it is to walk into the store and miss Julius’ smiling face, they knew they needed to continue his legacy and uphold the store to standards that would make him proud. Emilia didn’t have any prior experience as a store owner, so she was in over her head with past due invoices and organizing the store’s books.

With the help of her longtime friend and accountant as well as every customer, Emilia is determined to salvage Nightingale Books because she owes it to her father. Even with a huge offer to sell the shop to an investor who wishes to build a condo complex, she knows in her heart she must keep the promise she made Julius during his last few hours alive.

How To Find Love In A Bookshop is a feel-good story that will make you fall in love with reading and bookshops all over again (if that’s even possible!). The only thing I will say I didn’t care for is the amount of characters in this story; it became hard to keep track of but it finally started to make sense. With that, each character is extremely understandable and likeable and you will want to see a happy fairy tale ending with this book. Whether you’re new to reading, want to read more, or are a seasoned book lover – you will feel all warm and fuzzy after this one!

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