Hey, There


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Thanks for stopping by! I’m Aleigh and this blog is my little piece of the Internet where I find comfort; reading and writing are my creative outlets and I am truly honored you chose to browse my content.

All book reviews and posts are housed here – the Book Talk menu tab. If you head over to the What To Read When… menu tab, you’ll find an organized list of reviews dependent on your mood.

I don’t discriminate against any genre of books, from contemporary/literary fiction and memoirs to young adult and mystery. However, I have a super soft spot for historical fiction and WWII/Holocaust reads, so you’ll tend to see a lot (although I tend to get burnt out often from).

If I achieve anything with this blog, I hope it’s inspiration; inspiration to pick up that book hanging out on your bedside table you’ve been meaning to start or to step outside of your comfort zone with a new genre.

Reading IS for everyone – just pick up that book!

Curious to know more? 

Top 3 Books: The Nightingale, The Great Believers, Lillian Boxfish Takes A Walk

Most-Read Genre: Historical Fiction (the Holocaust specifically) and Contemporary Fiction

Favorite Author To Binge Read: Kristin Hannah

Go-To Coffee: Any light roast nutty or cinnamon-y flavored coffee (specifically Green Mountain brand!) / generous ‘splash’ of half + half

Hobby (outside of reading):  Being a Mama, writing DIY house design projects (that we no loner have time to do because, baby.)

Binge-Worthy Netflix Shows: Shameless, Schitt’s Creek, The Ozarks

Unpopular Opinions: I’d rather watch paint dry than watch/attend a baseball game, cheese is disgusting, and Beyonce is overrated (don’t hate me)