Feel Good Reads, Cozy Blankets, + Crisp Fall Weather

Happy October – Happy Fall!

Even though it’s officially been fall for a few weeks now, the temperatures are starting to really feel like the cooler months we have all come to know and love. I don’t know about you, but fall is some of my favorite months for reading. I’m not sure if it’s the way the crisp air flows through the open windows or it’s finally acceptable to wear chunky sweaters and fuzzy blankets without profusely sweating. Either way, I love nothing more than curling up on the couch in comfy clothes with a steaming mug of coffee or peppermint tea and diving into a really good book.

Most blogs will be promoting spooky and creepy reads for the month of October. However, if you know me, you know I don’t care much for thrillers so if I were to write a post like that, it would probably only have one or two books on the list. I thought it’d be more fun (and helpful) to create a list of feel good reads that pair so well with cozy blankets and crisp fall weather. 

I’ve read and reviewed each book below and can attest to the fact that in some way, they will inspire you, make you feel warm and fuzzy, or are just enjoyable reads. Whether you’re reading a spooky thriller or cheesy romance, I hope you’re enjoying these perfect fall days with a good book! 



Lillian Boxfish Takes A Walk
Lillian Boxfish is sure to become your new best friend, truly. She is charming and wise and exquisite with perfect taste. Sit back and enjoy this quick read as your new bff takes you on a nostalgic stroll around New York City, recollecting memories and lessons learned in her long and successful life. One of my absolute favorite books of all time! 

Lillian Boxfish Takes a Walk


Pretty self-explanatory here. Michelle Obama is just a ray of sunshine and inspiration seems to emanate from her. I loved learning about her childhood on the South Side of Chicago, meeting and dating President Obama, and their life together as they grow through political positions, children, and becoming the first African American POTUS + FLOTUS. 



Love & Gelato
Oh, how I love this book! It’s technically a YA book, but don’t let that deter you at all. It hits you in all the feels – you’ll cry, you’ll laugh, you’ll fall in love with the characters. This is just an all around awesome book and I highly recommend reading this – plus, you get to escape to Italy, who doesn’t want to dream of traveling right now?! 

Love & Gelato (Love & Gelato, #1)


Beach Read
I mentioned this in my review, but don’t let the title of this book turn you off. If you’re like me, cheesy reads aren’t really my thing, but this book is so much more than what you think based on the cover and title and will leave you feeling satisfied and complete. 

Beach Read


Park Avenue Summer 
Oh, my love of NYC. That alone makes this book so good, but the nostalgic Comso girl-era is so fun to read about! We get a deeper and more intimate look into the woman and maven behind Cosmopolitan magazine and how it became a women-inspired publication so many decades ago.

Park Avenue Summer


This was one of my favorite reads from 2017 – a raw and honest look into a childhood that is unlike any that I’ve ever heard. To read this book is to be whole heartedly inspired by Tara Westover’s ability to move past her different and difficult upbringing and become the success story she always dreamt. 


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