I Almost Forgot About You – Terry McMillan

3 stars

Talk about a book that made me laugh out loud several times, I Almost Forgot About You is a feel-good book that will have you reflecting on your own life.

Georgia Young is single optometrist with two adult daughters, several grandchildren and a group of amazing and supporting best friends. She lives a very comfortable life, full of laughter and happiness, but there’s something that she isn’t quite satisfied with. When she learns of the passing of a past love from decades ago, she realizes how short and sweet life can be. It’s then she decides to go on the ultimate journey to discover what it is she truly wants in life – quit her job? sell her house? reconnect with all of the other past lovers? make amends with her ex husbands? 

Georgia’s list seems to go on and on and the more she dives into this newfound realization, the more complicated and unclear the answers seem to be. I Almost Forgot About You is a cute book full of wit and humor. Georgia is a well-developed character who is instantly likable from page one and her relationship with her best friend and those around her will just make you feel good. The writing in this book is tremendous and I truly felt like I was sitting around the table listening to the banter between Georgia and her friends. 

If you’re looking for an easy read with an engaging plot line, I Almost Forgot About You will leave you wanting more! 

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