Some Places More Than Others – Renee Watson

3 stars

If you have kids who like to read, or maybe you’d like them to learn more about African American culture, Some Places More than Others would be an excellent read. Gearing towards young readers, this book follows Amara as she travels to Harlem to spend time with her grandfather and learn more about her father’s childhood as a black child living in New York City. We also get to see a glimpse of black history and culture in the neighborhood. 

Amara’s family is very loving and lives a comfortable life – everything she wishes for, she has. However, the one thing she really wants is to visit Harlem and learn about the city’s culture and her father’s life before moving to the west coast. Fearful that she’s too young to understand, her mother is hesitant to send her to the city. However, determined to learn as much as she can about her father’s past and bond with her grandfather, Amara soaks in every minute spent in the big city, taking in every skyscraper, monument and memory made.

While I wouldn’t say this book was the most mind-blowing or moving story I’ve read, I think it would be a great book for young readers who are looking to diversify their reading. Amara seems to be easily relatable, as I’m sure many young readers struggle at some point with their identity, race, and/or fitting in. 

A solid 3 star book for me, Some Places More Than Others was quick and enjoyable read!


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