That’s A Wrap!


Another month has come and gone which means it’s time for a monthly wrap up of my August reads. If you can’t tell, my preferences severely favored chick-lit, which is highly unlike me under normal circumstances. While the world is still in a very weird and confusing place, I’ve learned I only have the mental capacity for uplifting and entertaining reads. Bogged down by negativity, fearfulness and uncertainty has left me turning to cheesy New York City romance stories and for once, I’m actually OK with that! 

As always, I’m ranking my August reads from favorite to least. Judging from my July/August reads and the current state of my nightstand, I might have developed a thing for Emily Giffin – bring on the drama! 

  1. Where We Belong  4 stars
  2. Something Blue 4 stars
  3. Passion on Park Avenue 3 stars
  4. Maybe In Another Life 3 stars
  5. My Wife Said You May Want To Marry Me 3 stars
  6. Broken Pride 3 stars (this was read for a children’s book club that I lead)
  7. Godshot 2 stars
  8. The Gift of Forgiveness 2 stars

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