Find Your Person

You’re probably thinking – why am I on a book blog reading about finding my person?! Weird, right? I tend to ride on the emotional side, like all of the time, and I’m constantly reflecting on my emotions and life and my relationships and just everything. I have a lot of feelings, ok?!

Evan and I recently had engagement photos taken by our wedding photographer (who by the way, is the most amazing soul on this planet – check her out here and here!). Jeri texted me a few days before we traveled to Ohio to take the photos and said she had a few ideas and asked if I could bring some of my books with me. Uh, DUH! Say the word “books” and I’m 100% down! One of our shoots was going to be in a local coffee shop and she wanted to stage some of the books. She asked if Evan was also a reader, and I actually laughed out loud. If you know Evan, you know he is NOT a reader.

BUT what he is, is my biggest supporter. We got the photos back yesterday (can we talk about the 5 day turnaround on 500+ photos?!) and I’m in love with them! There are a handful of photos where I am flipping through the pages of a book while Evan looks on from beside me. They make me laugh because I’ll never forget Jeri saying: “Ok, Aleigh-you’re going to read and Evan-you’re going to bug her and try to distract her!”. We laughed, as if that was any different than real life!

When I look at these photos, I see cute, amazing and adorable photos. But what I also see is the partner I’m lucky to have beside me. These photos with my books represent the symbol of our relationship – we may not have the same interests and he may not have the attention span to read one page of a book (ha!), but he supports my hobby and he genuinely likes that I love to read. He’s proud of me, always claiming I’m the “smarter” one, and I’m proud that he’s proud!

Basically, what I’m trying to say is – get you a partner that supports you 100%, even when they think your hobby/job/creative outlet/interest is the most boring thing on the planet! I’m lucky to have found my person who lets me be me – the introverted book nerd that I am!


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