The Night Olivia Fell – Christina McDonald

3 stars

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The Night Olivia Fell is a captivating thriller that read at a quick pace. The last thriller I read fell incredibly flat, so I was hesitant to pick up another. I’ll admit, I’m not a huge fan of mysteries because they all tend to fall within a very similar theme to me. I can usually predict a few scenarios for the ending and I’m usually right. The genre just isn’t my cup of tea but I figured I’d switch it up a bit.

This book started out extremely predictable, but the ending provided a nice, juicy twist that I didn’t see coming. Olivia is entering her senior year when she falls from a bridge leaving her with zero brain activity. On life support, the doctors are legally required to keep her body alive because they find out she is pregnant. *gasp!*

With area detectives working at a slower pace than she prefers, Olivia’s mom Abi takes it upon herself to investigate her daughter’s fall. Knowing Olivia better than anyone, she knows it was not just an accident. Bruises on her wrists, the bracelet she religiously wore missing and disturbing texts on her phone, Abi knows there is more to the story. If Olivia is unable to speak of that night, then she’s determined to figure it out herself.

This story read quickly and kept my interest most of the time. About halfway through I could’ve easily shelved it as ‘did not finish’ but I was curious to find out what happened. Books that spark enough attention for me to want to know more deserves at least a 3 star review in my opinion. I did enjoy the nice added theme of a mother/daughter relationship.

If you’re a fan of thrillers or want an easy read for this summer that doesn’t require much emotional attachment, I think you’d enjoy this book!

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