The Other Woman – Sandie Jones

4 stars

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Oh look, another Reese Witherspoon book club book! (I’m sensing a pattern…). The Other Woman by Sandie Jones was the last book to round out my 2018 reading list and I devoured it in one day. (Side note: I was loving every minute of my holiday “break” from work and fully utilized it to catch up on some much-needed reading).

The Other Woman is an intriguing thriller that will capture you from the start. Here is what we know from page 1 and the synopsis: Emily falls deeply in love with Adam, the perfect match for her. Yet, there is another woman in the picture that torments Emily, tries to compete with her for Adam’s attention, and is constantly belittling her and reminding her that she comes first before anyone else. That woman is Adam’s mother. Gasp!

Pammie, Adam’s mother, will do just about anything to drive Emily away from her perfect son. Emily suffers horrendous mental abuse from Pammie at the expense of her love for Adam but she refuses to back down. In this addictive psychological thriller, we will watch this story unfold in the most unlikely of ways.

This book was c.r.a.z.y! Seriously – no offense to Pammie’s fictional character, but the things she did and said to Emily were downright INSANE and incredibly unbelievable. I could not put this book down; I became obsessed with learning what else Pammie was capable of and how much Emily would be able to withstand. This was just the right amount of thriller, insanity and humor that I love. Not to mention, the twists and turns that were so well thought-out and woven into the story seamlessly!

Thanks again Reese, you do NOT disappoint with your book club choices! I highly recommend adding The Other Woman to your 2019 reading list if you like to be so engrossed in a book you forget where you are, if you’ve eaten recently or what time it is!

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