For Better And Worse – Margot Hunt

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I LOVE a good mystery thriller and being newly engaged (yaaay), I figured what better timing to read a book that captures the depth a husband and wife are willing to go to protect one another and their family. Oohh, so enthralling!

I chose For Better and Worse by Margot Hunt as one of my November Book of the Month picks and I am so glad that I did! I love to sprinkle in extreme thrillers into my reading mix and this book had the perfect blend of mystery and crazy.

Natalie and Will met while attending law school together and bonded over their lawyer-esque mindsets. The book opens to their first date and their playful tit for tat on different types of law and ethics that I can only assume lawyers love to do with one another (I wouldn’t know). Natalie and Will joked that between the two of them, they’re confident they could get away with murder with the aide of each other. Fast forward almost a decade later and Natalie and Will, now husband and wife, find their young son a victim of sexual abuse. Natalie, a criminal defense lawyer, knows better than anyone that she cannot merely rely on the broken justice system to keep her child safe; she must take matters into her own hands.

For Better and Worse  was extremely intriguing and kept me on my toes throughout the book. I looked forward to learning new twists and turns and what would enfold next. This was a very quick read with exciting details and events so it felt like I was reading with minimal effort. I really enjoyed the familial aspect and how the author put such a large emphasis on the depths we are willing to go in order to protect and remain loyal to those we love the most.

I highly recommend this book for those who love a good psychological thriller! For Better and Worse had me questioning what I would do if put in Natalie and Will’s shoes and truthfully, there’s nothing better than a book that takes all sense of reality and what we believe it means to be sane and throws it out the window.


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