Not Her Daughter – Rea Frey

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I finished Not Her Daughter by Rea Fry over Labor Day weekend but I’ve been waiting to post the review because I knew I was going to meet Rea! Last night I attended her book launch and panel discussion here in Chicago. A coworker of mine is good friends with her and knew how much I love books/writing and invited me along. She was among a panel of four including a publisher, an agent and a non-fiction writer. Before the panel began, we were able to chat for a few minutes and she is the absolute sweetest! She was so kind and personable and offered to help me with my writing goals in any way. Of course afterward she was signing books and taking pictures. How cool is it that I am now in contact with a St Martin’s Press author?! 🙂


Ok, on to the actual book review. I’m not just saying this because Rea is a friend of a friend and I happened to love meeting her, but her book is good. It’s beyond good; it’s inspiring, thought-provoking, and emotional. It was also signed for a movie deal. Whaaat!

Not Her Daugher is the type of book that leaves you wanting so much more. You find yourself saying “one more chapter” only to find that 2 hours have passed by. It’s a story that leaves you questioning what you believe as right and wrong; can you justify the wrong by doing what is morally right? Or is the morally right actually wrong?

Sarah first sees her in the airport. She can sense and see the abuse right away. Emma’s big red bow and tattered dress that looks out of place catches Sarah’s eye. She is the most beautiful girl she’s laid eyes on but also the most distraught. The neglect and gut wrenching treatment Sarah witnesses in the airport haunts her. It isn’t until she stumbles upon Emma weeks later that she decides she must save Emma’s life, even if that means taking her away from her family and sacrificing everything; her sanity, her reputation, her safety.

Not Her Daughter tells the story in both Sarah and Amy’s (Emma’s mom) points of view. The deliberation you’ll experience throughout this book will make you question what you believe as right and wrong. I loved both Sarah and Emma; Emma seems like the sweetest and most loving little girl. It’s heart warming to see how kind and caring she is towards others despite the horrid and neglectful childhood she’s experienced.

This story is extremely emotional and truly shows how strong a mother’s love is; no matter if she’s biological or not. You will love this book, I promise – and I’m counting down the days until the movie comes out!

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