Dear Martin – Nic Stone

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For fans of “The Hate U Give”, you will also love Dear Martin by Nic Stone. This review won’t be long, since the premise is very similar to The Hate U Give (find the full review of this book here).

Dear Martin is a quick read told through the perspective of Justyce, a well-rounded honor senior at a white-dominant high school who just received a scholarship to Yale University. When a cop thought he was high jacking the car of a young girl and taking advantage of her when he was simply helping his intoxicated girlfriend into the back seat of her car so he could drive her home safely, he was forcefully handcuffed to the ground. The cop was accusing him of a crime he didn’t commit and refused to allow Justyce to explain the situation, all because his skin was a different color.

Fast forward a few months and Justyce was shot in the chest and arm as his best friend was shot and killed by an off-duty police officer, all because he felt their music was inappropriate and too loud. In between these instances, Justyce begins a personal project where he writes letters to Martin Luther King Jr., explaining his frustration towards racial injustice and looking to gain insight from Dr. King’s courageous battle of civil rights of all humans.

I enjoyed this quick and thoughtful read and think it’s imperative for any productive member of society to read up on current events, especially those relating to racial injustice. There is a serious divide in our nation, but there is still hope for our future.

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