Much Needed Self Check-In

Hi Friends!

If you know/follow me at all, you know how big of a book nerd I am, often finishing at least one book a week. I love reading; it’s my passion and it comes so natural to me. I love getting sucked into a good book and feeling all the emotions with each character. I’m a huge advocate for books and couldn’t imagine a life without them. BUT… I’ve been struggling to “get into it” these last few weeks. I’m always on a roll with my reading, lucking out and picking up one amazing read after the next that I can’t stop gushing about. That momentum and adrenaline rush (yes, I just used adrenaline rush as a metaphor relative to reading…) I get after reading a 4-5 star read is what pushes me forward into the next one and I can’t stop, won’t stop! However, the dreaded reading slump comes when you pick up a bad apple in the bunch and seem to keep picking them over and over again with no end in sight. I truly can’t get out of this slump right now and have not been thrilled with the recent books I’ve read. The last two I haven’t even been able to finish, which is saying a lot coming from a person with borderline OCD who has to finish what they start. Guys, that’s when you know it’s bad.

Among all of the blogs and bookstagram accounts I am consumed and immersed in, I know getting diagnosed with a case of the reading slumps is common and happens to even the best of readers but that doesn’t mean it isn’t discouraging. I worry for a quick second that I might’ve lost my fire and passion for books! I know the best cure for getting out of a reading slump is letting go of the pressure of HAVING to finish every book I pick up. I need to ditch the book that’s boring me to tears and pick up a book I’m excited to read. There’s no rule that says any book you flip open must be finished at that moment. There’s also no rule that insinuates because 90% of Goodreads users love a book that I’ll also love it.

Reading should be fun, exciting, a stress-reliever, an escape from reality. It shouldn’t be stressful, dreadful or worrisome. I need to stop focusing on the numbers – how many books I’ve read or how many blog posts I need on my site – and start remembering why reading books that make me happy and improve my life is so enjoyable. A great way to get out of a reading slump is turning back to your favorites: a favorite book, author or genre.

With that being said, I think tonight I’m going to ditch my current read that isn’t doing anything for me and pick up a book by one of my all-time favorite authors that I have yet to read, The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah. 

Thanks for allowing me to vent as I do a quick self check-in.

Tell me: what are the ways you get yourself out of a reading slump? 

Happy Reading!

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