The Perfect Mother – Aimee Molloy

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I flew through this book – literally, it took me about 2.5 days to finish and that’s only because I have a full-time job I have to prioritize! I loved this book and could’ve easily read it in one sitting. I swear, every time I read a mystery or thriller I’m reminded why I love the genre so much. Aimee Molloy kept my attention every chapter and I loved the twists and turns this book took you on.

“The May Mothers” is a support group for new and first-time moms whom were pregnant together and all gave birth during the month of may. Set in NYC, these 4 moms lean on each other for support, to vent, and cheer on one another along the difficult and tiring journey of motherhood. They’re fairly new friends, only knowing each other the duration of a pregnancy or less. Some don’t even know the other’s husbands names or what they do for a living. What they do know is they wouldn’t be able to survive without their group texts and emails that swirl around questions, comments and concerns regarding their new babies.

On a very hot and humid 4th of July, the May Mothers decide they deserve a break and need some “mommy time” away from the babies. They especially want Winnie to join them, a new mom who hasn’t shared much about herself and whom the others believe is suffering from depression as she navigates motherhood as a single mom. They agree to meet at a bar and have all arranged sitters for the babies; Nell was nice enough to lend her sitter to Winnie to ensure that she would actually come. All is going as expected; the moms are loosening up with a few drinks and feeling like themselves in hardly worn dresses and makeup that has been sitting in their makeup bags for months.

After (maybe) one too many drinks, Nell’s babysitter franticly calls saying Winnie’s baby is missing from his crib. No noise, cries, blood in sight – nothing. Baby Midas was taken in the blink of an eye and now Winnie is nowhere to be found at the bar.

The Perfect Mother takes us on a 13-day journey as we try to piece together the night of the mom’s outing, why Winnie has disappeared from the investigation, who is to blame, and if baby Midas is alive. Just when you think you’ve got the crime figured out, Aimee Molloy pulls a quick one and spins you in the other direction. This book will leave you wanting more after every chapter closes and if you’re like me, you’ll think you’re a detective with the FBI and can solve any [fictional] case. I will note, I felt that the book ended very abruptly. I actually had to reread the last chapter to make sure I was comprehending what was happening, but that could be because I rushed through that last chapter eager to solve the mystery. If you read this, let me know what you thought of the ending.

A truly captivating story that you will quickly become obsessed with – The Perfect Mother is the perfect crime fiction story to add to your collection.

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